Pima Modal


Composition: 46% pima cotton, 46% modal, 8% elastane

Weight: 165 gsm

Origin: Portugal

We combined the natural properties of cotton and modal to produce the perfect balance of softness and strength. Pima cotton, with its extra- long fibres, provides durability and a premium finish less prone to pilling. Whilst modal, a natural fibre made from tree pulp cellulose, gives an incredibly soft hand feel whilst draping well against the body. Additionally, modal is naturally breathable and moisture wicking. We also added a small amount of elastane to provide just enough stretch for additional comfort and recovery, ensuring the garment holds its shape.

Wellwear Breathe treatment applied to the fabric inhibits the growth of odour producing bacteria, creating an antibacterial and anti-odour material. Dermatologically tested and non-irritating, this reduces the need to wash your clothes after every wear, therefore increasing the longevity of your garment and reducing its environmental impact.

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