David's Memories Of Hackett

To celebrate the launch of our new Hackett x Wellwear collaboration, we spoke to David about his first memories of working with Hackett and why it is such an honour to be collaborating with them today.

"My first memories of Hackett? A little bit embarrassing...

It was actually one of my first big jobs. We were waiting for a long time and I was told that it was because we were waiting for Jeremy Hackett. This gentleman sat down next to me and I said apparently we're waiting for Jeremy Hackett and he said "ah that's interesting" and then he said to me "I've got to go and do the interview" and so I said "lovely to meet you, I'm David", and he said "nice to meet you, I'm Jeremy Hackett." That was well over 20 years ago.

I've always admired everything Hackett has done and to be collaborating is an honour for Wellwear, we're a very young brand. For them to give us this opportunity of working with Hackett and to have that very genuine, personal feeling, it's something that I dreamt we would be able to do with a more established brand and it shows that we are pushing the boundaries. One of the biggest things with Wellwear is longevity, and sustainability, and Hackett have all those credentials, the same as Wellwear- we're making stuff to last." 

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