Talking Parenting With David

We spent a sunny morning in the Wellwear studio asking David about all things parenting. As a very hands-on dad to his two daughters we knew he would have some great insights to share (and a few dad jokes up his sleeve). Here are the highlights.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

Your children's smile and their laugh. That can just supersede anything else that's happened throughout the day. Like that just is so rewarding. 

What is the best gift you can give your children?

You can buy them a toy - they'll just play in the box. There's so many times where we've just taken the box and made a train out of it, or we've made a car or a helicopter, or last time it was a plane. Them being involved with you doing that is just so much better for them. It's just time - the children just want your attention - until the time that they don't, and that's going to be a sad, sad time when I'm not cool dad anymore. Although I'm not sure if I've been a cool dad anyway if I'm totally honest.

What's your best dad joke?

Oh no. Why can't I think of a dad joke? What do you call an exploding monkey?


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as a parent?

Matilda put a hair clip in my hair the other day and I walked out of the house talking to people with pink bows and hair clips in my hair. Completely forgot. I wondered why people were kind of looking at me a bit strangely.

What is the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did to you?

My parents didn't really care what I looked like, street cred was just not me at school. I think now we dress our children to be quite cool.

What is the best gift your parents gave you?

I remember a Peugeot mountain bike when I was about 11 for Christmas. That was a great gift.

What are the strongest memories you have with your dad?

We used to play cricket. He used to come home from work and then he would just bowl at me all the time. We'd have these little cricket competitions and I used to wear his shin pads from football as pads as I got older and older. And yeah, that was our thing to do - nice memories. 

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